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Technology Powers Finance

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MBP for Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

Infrastructure platform constructed within standard technical architecture; Unified portal for all structured business modules; Task scheduler based on distributed deployment model; Flexible scheduling and allocation of system resources; Improve the efficiency of resources use.

Fund Valuation System

Relying on the MBP, our product supports comprehensive operations for Industrial Bank(IB) to better fulfill their custodian duties of asset accounting, valuation, risk monitoring and information disclosure, and successfully transformed IB’s operation mode from labor-intensive to automatic, intelligent and technology-intensive.

Asset Custody Suite for Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

In 2016, with the help of our asset valuation system and clearing system developed by our outstanding technology team made up of senior developers from well-known software enterprises and financial, Industrial Bank saw over 30 % growth in assets custody, and has become one of Top 3 custodian banks in China in terms of asset quantity, asset size, and fee income.

Fund Clearing System

Our clearing system is highly integrated with IB’s core system, covering asset creation, asset management, account management, electronic payment instruction, which provides a highly optimized workflow. With our help, IB has largely reduced operational cost, labor and resource investments, and thus laid a good operational foundation for the future development.