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PACAsset Custody Solutions

Our assets custody solutions covers five major areas: fund valuation, fund clearing, auto-workflow management, investment monitoring, and information disclosure. Our products can be flexibly configured and extended on one-stop platform; support all asset types in international market, multiple accounting and tax guidelines; help customers largely reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our products offer flexibility, sophistication, scalability and controls that both new and traditional business requires, provide holistic IT solutions and value-added services for customers in financial industry, and thus to help them better fit in changing markets.

We help customers expand local and overseas market on our platform, optimize operational management efficiency while lifting their business scale.


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2016 Asset Custody in Numbers: Over 170 trillion USD in global market; over 100 trillion CNY (≈ 145 billion USD) in China

The expanding Chinese market exposes inadequacy in large-volume data processing technology and lack of product innovation. This has become an obstacle. In such situation, custodians are desperate in hi-tech system to take a favorable position in the fierce competition and cope with financial risks.

Automated workflow to improve operational efficiency

Flexible full parameter configuration for quick definition by user
Superior performance & scalability under advanced technical architecture

Wide range of businesses and products supported on smart platform
Global business supported and international tax law

Mainstream report platform with professional and easy displays

PYE Asset Valuation System

Main functions include data reception & processing, accounting, asset valuation, intra/inter-system reconciliation. It supports securities in global markets, such as stocks, bonds, funds, futures, options, repos/reverse repos with high performance in processing large volumes of data. Free from extra development due to highly parameterized configuration, our product can quickly support new types business simply by adjusting parameterizations and settings. Moreover, it features in multiple currencies as in QDII, multiple tax regimes and investment regulations to perfectly fit in international business.

PYE Asset Clearing System

Asset Clearing System is a comprehensive and independent operated system that supports multiple clearing modes. Its account management, in particular, directly interacts with bank core system to collect, transfer, pay, and reconcile assets in custody. Our product also features in the generation, fax validation and execution of electronic payment instruction. Workflow is mostly optimized by strict and efficient flow transition, risk control and inter-system connection, thus the background operational cost, labor and resources are largely saved.

PYE MBP (Multi-business Platform)

MBP is a whole-process framework designed on distributed deployment model, developed on Oracle platform, using Java open source. It features in big data computing and flexible technical architecture. User-defined parameters allows quick configuration for different financial products and market, which creates great scalability to handle massive data, and prepares customers for any new products, business, industry regulations and policies.

Auto-workflow engine

Intelligent, automated and operational management-based workflow. Efficiency improved with reduced human error and repeated work.

Process configuration

Business atomicity under standard securities data model. Highly parameterized configuration to quickly support new products and business.

Intelligent error analysis

Dashboard display of runtime error messages. Automatic error analysis and correction. "Drill-down query" for quick location, error analysis and processing.

Process architecture

Modules of account management, clearing, accounting, valuation, and investment monitoring. One platform covering business workflow and risks.

PYE Investment Monitoring System

PYE Investment Monitoring System provides all-time risk monitoring, streamlined and optimized workflow and better user experience, customization for better compatibility, operation tracking, complete monitoring report, detailed and accurate results queries. It relieves labor work by converting manual triggers to automatic ones. Thus operators will focus on monitoring indicators configuration and result verification. Custodian banks can make better use of financial data, share data and information, and improve efficiency.

PYE Information Disclosure System

This system can fetch data from asset valuation system to form required daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports according to fund settings and export these reports into XML instance documents. For all information to disclose such as fund NAV or XML instance document, it offers a standardized mechanism for verification and validation to ensure all information going public is precisely correct. Meanwhile, customized digital signing provides a multi-role validation functionality, which can better clarify the responsibility of each role. System will generate certificate request in format PKCS#10 for approved XBRL instance document together with digital certificate ID and key, and then send zipped file to CSRC. The entire procedure done in our product strictly complies with CSRC regulations.